Watch for MITTENS in “Walk With Me”

I am currently developing a short animation based on a poem I wrote called “Walk With Me.”  I have been fascinated by mittens for the last 5+ years and the time has finally arrived for me to make Mittens. I wake up thinking about Mittens every single day! “Walk With Me” is an original love poem inviting you to walk with Mittens through a forest of verse with his mitten. The process began about three weeks ago and the deadline for the animation has been set for February 14, 2013, Valentine’s Day.  I have been building assets and developing storyline and will post some of my progress here as I work through the creative process. I’ll be there in a MITTEN!!!

This is my first time building a character from scratch in Cinema4D (R13) and I have been learning a lot about how to build a mesh for animation.  It is also my first time rigging a full character with a custom rig.  I learned a lot from watching online tutorials, especially from Delano Athias on, and, as always, from Nick Campbell at  Thanks Delano and Nick and to the huge online community of creators that share their knowledge so openly, willingly and skillfully!

I’m fairly happy with the results at this point.  I still have some smoothing out of the weighting of the mesh to get the movements more natural, but it is looking pretty good at this point.  I have added some googly eyes and no mouth purposely to make his body become the expression of his emotions.  The googly eyes are fun as I have added C4D dynamics to them and they act just like actual googly eyes when Mittens is moving around.  Still working on the collisions though, since the black part of the googly eyes pops out of the container every time I do a sudden movement.  I also need to work a little on the texturing, right now I am using Cubic for the projection, but it doesn’t want to stick to him when he moves, so I need to bake the texture to a UV Map (I think this is what I need to do anyway ).


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